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Tara is Kerri’s BIGGEST fan, she is the leader of the fan club and has been waiting so long to meet in person. Tara has found some incriminating evidence against Kerri, which she uses to force her way inside. She begins to bind her idol to Kerri’s surprise into a hogtie before stripping her shoes off and gagging her. Little does Kerri know that part of Tara’s addiction with her is what lies within the heels she’s wearing. Tara strips off her heels, and begins to worship her feet! Throwing in a bit of tickles here and there all Kerri can do is lie there bound and hope that her fan will eventually let her go. —————————————– Tara has been having quite a lot of fun with Kerri, but amidst her plan, she forgot to lock the door as she came in! Her plan begins to unravel as a fellow intruder grabs her from behind and binds her beside her idol. The man then begins to peel off Tara’s shoes, giving her a taste of her own medicine before tickling fan and idol side by side. The plan definitely did not go according to plan, at least for Tara.


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