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Audri hasn’t been paying her half of the rent the last few months, and her boyfriend is starting to get upset. She can tell his frustration, so she tries to make up for her tardiness. She loves to be tied up but she also knows that he loves it too, so she offers it up knowing they haven’t done it in awhile. Her boyfriend emulates a robber who has bound his captive. He proceeds to pull out her feet on the table, and strapping them down. She becomes confused when he starts stripping off her sandals, her feet outstretched and bare before tying her big toes together. Then it begins… he starts off by slowly stroking her soles, sending her into a giggling fit, but it only gets worse from there, he also splatters some oil and uses tools her laugh, uncontrollable from how ticklish she is. After he has his fun, he hogties and gags her. She thinks its all over – but she is wrong. He explains to her that she has been sold to some over sea buyer to make up for the rent she has missed! She struggles and squirms but to no avail… she is stuck until the buyer comes to pick her up…


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