Mission Hysterical! Pt 46 Dangerously Ticklish Danger Girl!

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IDW PUBLISHING PARODY! We’ve teased it long enough! It’s finally here! Adventurer, secret agent and all-around kick-ass heroine, Abbey Chase (played by Alexa J.) has found the legendary LuXian medallion! A mysterious party calls her, interested in buying it. Shortly after telling the buyer that the medallion isn’t for sale, fatal femme, Honey, sneaks into Abbey’s mountain hideout! The two duel it out! Abbey underestimates her opponent, and Honey subdues and captures her. Soon, Abbey finds herself in the stocks, with her boots removed. The sinister Honey wants to know where the LuXian medallion is, and is ready for Abbey to be uncooperative. She starts with a little “warm up”, by focusing sunlight through a huge magnifying glass, giving Abbey what has to be the hotfoot of the century! Abbey writhes and yowls in agony, unaware that this is only the beginning. Now that her feet have been tenderized, Honey has something else in mind. She uses her long, wickedly sharp fingernails to tickle Abbey’s heat-treated feet! Abbey goes toe-tally berserk! Already sore and sensitive from the hotfoot treatment, her feet are especially vulnerable now! She howls, shrieks and cackles, nearly apoplectic with laughter, from the beginning! Her long toes wriggle and writhe, in a ticklish fit, as she begs and pleads, completely laugh-addled! Honey delights in her ticklish suffering, urging her to comply as Abbey flails and thrashes about, helplessly! Abbey tries desperately to hold on, but Honey has other tools to keep the sexy blonde “on her toes” and out of her mind! A tiny, stiff-bristled brush, a feather (which is hilariously effective), oil and the hairbrush all prove just how dangerously ticklish this Danger Girl really is! Soon enough, Abbey is bargaining, amid gales of laughter and sputtering, to give up anything except the medallion, but it’s obvious that she can’t take anymore of the foot-tickling ordeal Honey dishing out!

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