Tickle-Level, Over 9,000! Android 18’s Interrogation! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

CUSTOM VIDEO/DRAGONBALL PARODY: Android 21 has nearly assembled all seven of the legendary Dragonballs. She’s tracked the last one down to Android 18’s home. 18 is trying to keep the Dragonball hidden, fearing what 21 might wish for, if she successfully gathers them all. When 21 shows up at her house Android 18 powers up to fight! Unfortunately, Android 21 has 18’s number. She’s created a device that turns 18’s power against her and K.Os her, instantly! Soon, 18 wakes up in the stocks. Android 21 demands to know where the seventh Dragonball is located. When 18 refuses to answer, 21 reveals that she’s scientifically scoped out 18’s biggest weakness! She removes 18’s shoes and socks, as 18 becomes very worried! Then, she brandishes a feather and tickles Android 18’s helpless, bare feet! Android 18 completely comes unglued! Her hyper-ticklish soles and toes, scrunch, flex, squirm and flail about, toe-tally out of control! A mixture of cackling, guffawing, shrieking and squealing explodes from 18’s wide-stretched mouth as she confirms Android 21’s scientific theory! Android 18 has clobbered some powerful foes, but here now it’s a simple feather that has her beaten! Sweat pours from Android 18 as she thrashes around in tickled agony! Android 21 knows she has her right where she wants her, but will this really work? Will Android 18’s ticklish feet be the cause of Android 21 being able to get whatever she wishes for? And what will she wish for, if she’s successful? Find out now, in this customer-written Dragonball parody!