Trump Train [TickleIntensive]

TickleIntensive Video

POLITICAL TICKLE TORTURE. BRUTAL 4-ON-1 GANG TICKLING. CHANGE YOUR VOTE OR SUFFER. Age: 29 Foot Size: 9 Bondage Prep: A Trump girl is tied to the bed for the wrong kind of train – a non-stop gang tickling. Dacey claims she’s a fan of the President right down to the core and NOTHING will change her vote – but Ama, Ari, Courtney, and Kitty are going to put that claim to the test by subjecting Dacey to the WORST gang tickling of her life! FORTY LONG FINGERNAILS mercilessly tickle and scratch every sensitive part of her body – feet, stomach, sides, armpits, thighs, even her hopelessly sensitive pussy isn’t spared!! Dacey is quickly driven to hysterics – she can’t breathe and begs for a break, but the only way to stop the tickling is to change her vote, and she… JUST… CAN’T… DO IT!! So the tickling goes on and on without an end in sight, and the more Dacey screams with hysterical laughter, the harder her sadistic captors tickle her! It’ a vicious cycle that soon reduces her to sweaty gasping mess – BUT WILL SHE CHANGE HER VOTE?? Find out! Brutal non-stop gang tickling.