The business trip #2

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Stella and Mayla come to their hotel room for their business trip on who is going to be the employer of the year and get an award and they start arguing over who will take the bed and who has to sleep on a mattress and with only a blanket on the floor at the end of the bed, and Stella starts tickling Mayla’s bare foot until Mayla gives up and agrees to sleep on the floor but Mayla only waits until Stella falls asleep and starts to snore and then Mayla lifts up the covers and starts tickling Stellas socked feet while Stela is snoring and in a deep sleep after some sock tickling Mayla removes one of the socks and starts tickling Stellas bare foot with her fingers while Stella snores away soon Mayla removes the other sock as well and tickles both of Stellas bare feet and Stella flex,scrunch up and squirms her feet trying to escape the tickles but in vain but Stella is still only snoring and doesn’t giggle which means she’s still and a deep sleep and Mayla starts tickling her even more and eventually Stella starts to giggle and snore, and talking in her sleep and Mayla holds Stellas feet in place so she can’t move them and also starts to tickle in between the toes while Stella giggles and snores and Mayla spreads Stellas toes so she really can get in between each and every little toe and then goes back to tickle the soles all while Stella is snoring and giggling eventually Stella wakes up but tries to act asleep because she knows Mayla tries to tickle her so she will get the comfortable bed and Stella continues to snore and tries not to laugh and bites her lip and the covers all while Mayla is tickling her bare feet even more and eventually Stella can’t take no more and starts laughing hysterically and begs for Mayla to stop tickling her bare feet and toes but Mayla will only stop if Stella change places with her and sleeps on the floor and Stella eventually agrees because she can’t take no more tickles so they change places and Stella is now the one who sleeps on the floor with the blanket but once Mayla starts to snore Stella wants her evenge and starts tickling Maylas exposed bare feet.

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