The lawyer and her fetishist assistant

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A lawyer and her assistant comes back to the lawyer’s house after a tough case and they have different ideas on how to win the case and they can’t get along, the one thing they can agree on is that they both need some rest, but before they start sleeping the lawyer asks her assistant to rub her feet because they are sore and the assistant really doesn’t want to but still gets to work, once the lawyer is getting relaxed the assistant sneaks in a few tickles making the lawyer mad and tells her assistant to stop with the tickling the assistant agrees but soon starts to tickle the lawyer again and now the lawyer has had enough and pulls her feet away and they go to bed. Soon as the assistant starts hearing snoring coming from the lawyer the assistant can’t hold herself and lift up the covers and starts tickling the sleeping lawyer making her toes wiggle and rubbing her feet together after a while the lawyer starts giggling and continues to softly snore, the assistant really like tickling the lawyers feet for once she feel like she has the power and she really likes the lawyers laugh and see her feet wiggle but the assistant tickles the lawyer a little too rough and she wakes up but the lawyer is acting like she’s asleep proving she’s strong enough to handle that but the assistant soon notice that she’s awake and really tickles and the lawyer tries to take the tickling but eventually she soon starts laughing and tells her assistant to stop or she’ll be fired and the assistant stops and the lawyer tells her assistant this ain’t the way to make her change her mind about the tactic about the case and that the assistant almost lost her job over this and she needs to stop perv over her feet and they go to bed. Soon as the assistant starts snoring the lawyer get up and lift up the covers and starts returning the favor to the assistant tickling her soft ticklish feet and the assistant giggles wiggling her toes and the lawyer likes it tickling the assistant a little more getting her toes a few tickles making the assistant laugh, what the lawyer didn’t tell the assistant or anyone for that matter is that she like getting tickled but even more she likes to tickle especially her assistant because she is ticklish and her reactions are hilarious making the lawyer tickling her assistant even more but eventually the lawyer tickles her assistant too much and the assistant wakes up but the tickling ain’t over because the lawyer grabs the assistants feet and really tickles the assistant making her laugh like never before but soon the assistant tries to act serious and not to laugh telling the lawyer to stop but the lawyer continues to tickle her getting between her toes and the assistant tries to resist but soon starts laughing begging the lawyer to stop and to leave her toes alone they’re very ticklish and the lawyer finally gives her assistant a rest and the assistant says she knew that the lawyer likes tickling because she always sneaks in a few tickles when she thinks the assistant don’t notice but the assistant says she doesn’t really mind she also likes tickling so it seems like they’re the perfect team after all and if they only put as much effort to work together as to tickle each other they will win the case and the lawyer agrees and the go to sleep before they have to wake up and get to work only difference no as friends.

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