Nikki Fierce, Mary Jane and Angella Faith Spreading Rumors [SlammCreations]

SlammCreations Video

Sexy school jock Nikki has been captured by two of the school’s kinky bad girls, Mary Jane and Angella.&nbsp, Bikini clad Nikki is bound spreadeagled to the bed with thick leather cuffs locked around her wrists and ankles. Her feet are bare, and her scantily clad body is helpless and exposed to whatever torment the bad girls want to do!&nbsp, Why is Nikki in this position?&nbsp, Apparently she’s been spreading rumors about the campus bad girls, and now it’s payback time!&nbsp, Mary Jane gets to torment Nikki first, and it’s tickling and teasing she uses on the helpless woman.&nbsp, Mary Jane’s long fingernails find several ticklish spots on Nikki’s neck, belly and armpits.&nbsp, But a tickling attack on Nikki’s feet really brings out the laughter.&nbsp, Then, it’s Angella’s turn for revenge.&nbsp, Her torment is more sensuous, as she kisses Nikki, which Nikki seems to like.&nbsp, But she begins her tickling on the neck, and slowly progresses lower to the belly, thighs and then the ticklish feet!&nbsp, Finally, it’s a tickling 2-on-1, with both bad girls abusing Nikki at once. After some brutal tickling, the action slows down and the bad girls now resort to kissing, teasing and caressing their captive. Are they going to let her go?&nbsp, Or tickle her more?&nbsp, Angella and Mary Jane look amazing in their matching outfits, and Nikki struggles delightfully as the tickled captive.