Undecided [TickleIntensive]

TickleIntensive Video

POLITICAL TICKLE TORTURE. BRUTAL NON-STOP GANG TICKLING. PARTIAL NUDITY. BIG FEET. UNDECIDED VOTER. PURE HYSTERIA. AGE: 28 FOOT SIZE: 10 Bondage Prep: Ama is stretched out tight on the bed in a patriotic but barely-there bikini. Nipple and pussy slips abound in this wild scene. Desperately ticklish Southern belle Ama Rio is an undecided voter – hell, she doesn’t even know if she WANTS to vote – but Kitty Quinn, Courtney Cummings, and Ari Parker are going to force her to make up her mind, Tickle Intensive-style! Poor Ama gets totally destroyed in this scene, plain and simple. She shrieks with hysterical laughter as the girls subject her big and sensitive soles to a sadistic tickling – sharp fingernails, dual combs, dual hairbrushes, it doesn’t matter, it all drives her to frantic hysterics! The extreme foot tickling is bad enough, but combine that with brutal upperbody tickling and Ama goes completely insane – STRUGGLING, SQUEALING, SCREAMING, CACKLING WITH PURE HYSTERIA AS SHE’S FORCED TO ENDURE THE RELENTLESS GANG TICKLING! Her skimpy bikini slips and her nipples are exposed, but the girls aren’t concerned with Ama’s modesty, and the tickling continues uninterrupted. Dripping with sweat and gasping for breath, Ama breaks and agrees to vote on election day, but she can’t make up her mind for who – SO BOTH SIDES TICKLE HER EVEN HARDER IN AN EFFORT TO SECURE HER VOTE! Ama makes promises, begs, and even curses in her hot Southern accent, but no matter what she says nothing stops the tickling! Will it ever end for this ticklish undecided voter!? FIND OUT! Brutal non-stop gang tickling. A scene for the books.