Edith Frogtied and Tortured

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Here we have Edith bound with her arms overhead and legs taped into the frogtied position. I begin with some sensual tickling.. walking my fingers down her arms and across her belly. Then I move down to her thighs and feet to get a more intense reaction. Edith has a bit of an attitude so I pull out the magic wand and get to work. Over the course of 8 minutes I edge Edith closer and closer to an orgasm. This process can be quite torturous for poor Edith and she moans, begs, and grunts through it. She becomes a little frantic because of the sensory overload, but I continue until she has a massive orgasm. Immediately she begins begging me to tickle her (as opposed to some post-orgasm torture). I happily oblige by exposing her upper body and tickle her belly and nipples mercilessly. She is exceptionally sensitive to the tickling because of the orgasm she just had and you can see the love/hate in her reactions. Raspberries on her tummy and the electric toothbrush on her nipples drive her crazy, but she still has some of that cocky attitude which earns her more tickling punishment.

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Production studio: ZenTickling
File Name: Edith Frogtied and Tortured
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Genre: VIP Clips,ZenTickling,ForcedOrgasm,HD,m/f,Tickling Upper Body

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