Hysterical Hotties! Pt 1 Nikki’s Super-Ticklish Feet!

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It’s been a long time, since Nikki Brooks was tickled, by someone who really knows what they’re doing. Fortunately, she came to us, for a proper “tune up”, if you will. She’s been trying to convince us to go easy on her, ever since she walked into the studio … but deep down, she knows better. We start her off in her socks. Not for the sake of being kind, but because she’s already nervously sweating (Yes, really.) and we want her feet to get nice and toasty, for a while, so that sweat can build up. As it is, her feet are plenty ticklish in socks and even that is almost more than she can bear, at the moment! We also play the anticipation game with her, fingers hovering so close to her soles that she can almost feel the tickling, without being touched! Enough of that and she’s actually begging for us to get it over with! Soon, the socks are removed, revealing a very warm and moist pair of feet that haven’t had a good tickling in nearly a year! And it shows! Nikki explodes into a cackling, howling fit as her long, expressive toes wriggle and writhe, in grand cartoonish fashion, trying to escape! Feathers and brushes between and beneath those toes send her into shrieking bouts of laughter and pleading! She also discovers our recently added “dragon claw grip”, which sends her into an apoplectic fit of hilarity! And just for a moment of cruel fun, we tickle her armpits and feet, simultaneously! She really wasn’t ready for that! All in all, it’s nearly 20 minutes of sheer foot-tickling agony for Nikki, to a degree that she hasn’t endured in a very long time … if ever. She even mentions that she had forgotten how ticklish she actually is! We were happy to refresh her memory. We even find some new spots on her narrow, shapely feet, of which she wasn’t previously aware! Get this one, now. You’ll thank us, later. Welcome back, Nikki!

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