Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep 184 Ticklante vs The Serpent Queen!

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IDW PUBLISHING PARODY: Last time around, the evil Serpent Queen (played by KK Qing) agreed to join forces with two Hammer agents, to stop the Ticklante! But now, the Ticklante has tracked down the Egyptian immortal, to renew a centuries-old enmity! Their battle is brief, but hilarious, as Ticklante chooses to fight by launching a tickle ambush on the sexy Amazons ribs! In no time, our hero has the enraged immortal subdued, bound and partially mummified! Her sandals are removed, to reveal her giant, size 11 bare feet! Ticklante wants to know who freed the Serpent Queen from her imprisonment, but the spiteful demigoddess merely sneers at him … that is, til he starts tickling her big, helpless feet! The Serpent Queen howls, cackles and shrieks with uncontrollable laughter, as her big soles flail about and her long toes, scrunch, flex, wriggle and writhe! Fingernails, feathers and all manner of tickle tools keep the super-powered enchantress in foot-tickled hysterics, as she slowly breaks! But, when she does break, not only does she out the Hammer, she also claims to have heretofore unknown info about the Egyptian goddess, Nefertiki, and her connection to our hero! Looks like more mystery and intrigue are afoot (two big ones, in fact), so don’t miss this one!

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