Superheroine Tickle Takedown SHIELD vs Hydra! Pt 2

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MARVEL COMICS PARODY: Last time around, S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Rachel Adams managed to outsmart her foot-tickling captor, Hydra agent, Slyyy! Now, Rachel has freed herself and subdued Slyyy. And Rachel still needs info on Hydra’s new allies! Rachel removes Slyyy’s shoes as the begging, pleading villainess tries to convince the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent not to use her own interrogation tactics against her! Unfortunately, this only fuels Rachel’s fire for revenge and in no time, Slyyy is howling and shrieking with uncontrollable laughter! Her big, size 9.5 feet flail, dance and squirm as fingernails, a feather and brush ticklishly explore every inch of her soles and toes! And don’t think that Rachel forgot about the bastinado treatment she got, last episode! She stings Slyyy’s flinching, cringing soles with the riding crop, for a bit, to make them even more sensitive to further tickling! It isn’t long before Slyyy is more than happy to reveal the name of Hydra’s new allies, but who is it? Find out now!

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