The Scent Of Laughter!

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Vika is getting ready for a date, but when she catches her roommate, Jasper lustfully checking out her feet, things go awry. Vika’s feet are fully covered in boots, but that’s all Jasper needs to know and a perfect place for her to start, because she knows those feet will be nice and sweaty! Jasper subdues Vika and immediately removes one boot, so she can begin sniffing away! Much to her delight, Vika is wearing two pairs of socks! This means extra sweat and extra foot fragrance! Now, she ties Vika up, so she can make a full evening of stinky foot huffing! Vika comes to, bound with her feet in the air and secured to the back of a chair. Jasper huffs away at her stinky, double-socked feet. When Vika questions Jasper’s odd behavior, the feisty redhead tickles her big, helpless socked feet as a warning to cooperate and just go with it. Bit by bit, Jasper undresses Vika’s feet, stripping away one layer of socks at a time, til Vika’s feet are completely bare. Jasper buries her nose in between Vika’s toes worships her soles, hungrily! When Vika protests again, she’s reminded of her ticklish weakness as Jasper’s fingernails skitter along her tender soles! The room fills with panicked laughter, as Vika cackles away, begging for mercy, in a foot-flailing, toe-squirming fit! Looks like Jasper takes her foot worshiping very seriously! Will Vika be able to escape her roommate’s lustful tongue and tickling fingernails? Find out now

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