The business trip

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Two ladies are on a business trip and comes back to their hotel room after a long day and they get dressed for the night and then sit down on the bed and Alex is talking a bunch of nerdy things that that Margherita doesn’t understand and gets bored but soon Margherita notice Alex’s barefoot right in front of her and Margherita starts sensually tickling Alex and first Alex doesn’t notice she only wiggles her toes but soon she starts laughing and begging Margherita to stop and Margherita stops after a while and Alex goes to the bathroom and says when she’s coming back they will talk about more nerdy things but Margherita doesn’t want to listen to anymore of that so when Alex comes back she pretends to already have fallen asleep and her feet are popping out from the covers and Alex starts tickling her with her fingers and Margherita laughs and wonders what’s going on because she feels like she have to laugh and then notice that Alex is tickling her but she tries to pretend she’s asleep and hope Alex will stop tickling her soon but Margherita is very ticklish so she giggles and laughs and tries to pull her feet away but only get one away because the other on is trapped in Alex’s grip and Alex has only been tickling Margheritas soles and now starts tickling her toes and Margherita looses it and starts laughing hysterically after some time and Alex quickly stops and pretends as if she didn’t tickle Margherita but Margherita knows it was Alex so she waits until Alex has fallen asleep and when Margherita hears that Alex is snoring she knows this is the perfect time for some revenge and Margherita quietly gets out of bed and lifts up the covers from Alex’s feet and they seem to be a little bit sweaty so Margherita blows on her feet and even that makes Alex giggle and she she says in her sleep oh that tickles, and soon Margherita starts tickling Alex’s bare feet with her fingers and Alex giggles and laughs and talks in her sleep saying things like stop that tickles, not my toes and i’m so ticklish and Margehrita is focusing on tickling every part on Alex’s foot both the sole and the toes and she sometimes tickles slow and sensually and then fast to see what tickles more while Alex is laughing and Margherita is using a lot of tickle talk so while she’s tickling she sometimes say tickle tickle tickle, is Alex ticklish, what about between the toes and is totally teasing Alex. Margherita remembers she has a feather in the room and she grabs it and starts gliding slowly up and down Alex’s soles and Alex giggles and Margherita is only using the feathery side of the feather and after tickling the soles she moves on to tickling Alex’s ticklish toes Alex looses it after a while of toe tickling and wakes up but pretends she’s asleep and continues to snore and lets Margherita tickle her because Alex kind of likes being tickled and Alex is giggling and laughing the entire time as the feather get between her toes and up and down her soles after the feather Margherita goes back to tickling Alex with her fingers and now Alex is laughing even more but she still tries her best to pretend she’s asleep so she still is laying down but her laughter can’t be stopped and after a while and Margherita tickles her toes again Alex can’t take no more and bursts out laughing but is still laying on her back laughing hysterically and beg for the tickling to stop and Margherita will only stop if Alex promises to stop boring her out with her nerdy talk but Alex refuses and the tickling continues and after a while Margherita remembers that Alex’s weak spot is her toes and Margherita gives her one more chance but Alex refuses so Margherita says oh well that leaves me no choice and starts gliding the feather between Alex’s toes and Alex tries to keep her laughter in but can’t because it tickles so much and it drives her wild and she starts laughing again and begging not to tickle her toes and Margherita throws away the feather and tickles the toes with her fingers and soon enough Alex gives up and promises not to talk about nerdy things for a while instead they will go out and have some fun and that’s all that Margherita wants to hear and they go back to sleep

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