Premium Keep2Share membership: How to get 10% more days for FREE

Thank you for being loyal to our site. Thank you. This is everything we love. This is exactly why we give you life hack how to get 10% more days for your Premium Keep2Share membership.

Why Keep2Share Premium membership?

1. Safe and secure tickling videos download

Keep2Share does not share with third parties some of the private details. Your internet access is secured and someone who tries to obtain the data maliciously would consider it difficult. And if you use all the wonderful functionality of the web with your Keep2Share Premium Pro account you would be anonymous.

2. Watch tickling feet videos online on desktop and mobile

To tie your head for downloading and sharing tickling feet videos you won’t have to do anything. The website has a basic and elegant UX interface, so it’s quick to use and smooth. With the intuitive drag and drop function, uploading and downloading could not be simpler. Whether you just decide to fix a question or simply want advice, support is still near by.

3. Watch tickling videos without ADS

You can use the service without advertising when paying for a Keep2Share Premium or Premium Pro account. That ensures no irritating pop-ups and no third party attempting to keep the money in their pockets. Basic users who don’t have an fee get advertising that raise profits from their usage of the platform.

How to get 10% more days for free

Step 1. Follow the link or click on banner below

Step 2. Choose your Membership plan and Sign Up

Step 3. Promo code was successfully activated! Yes, it’s easy!

Now you need to purchase a Premium membership and you’ll get 9 days for free with a 90-day account and 37 free days with a 1-year account!

How to pay

You may need to find out a way of charging for the kit that is right for you. But that is not complicated as anyone will consider a large range of payment forms. It is quick to switch to a Premium or Pro account if you want to seek a free account then change your mind. These are all quick, convenient and secure payment methods. Transactions are authenticated and you can be confident that information and money details are safeguarded.


Keep2Share’s simple account amount is 100% safe. And, without having to pay a cent, you may check the temperature. You do not receive as much quality as you can benefit from a Preferred plan because it is a free plan. You will access files only for 1 GB and you have to wait for the update to start for 30 seconds. Free users are also limited to 50 kb / s download limit and display advertising. The free plan is all correct, but contrasted with the Premium accounts it is just a taster.

Keep2Share Premium Pro has a number of clever apps that render it comparable to Premium. This bundle is ideal for participants who want to make regular use of this program. When you are submitting jobs or posting videos with mates – that is your duty! Only a couple extra bucks a month, Premium Pro subscribers are double their file size cap. Premium Pro is a $11.75 a month rate for Keep2Share. Thus, participants will exchange files up to a whopping 10 GB of size for $0.39 a day. In addition to the unrestricted transfer pace and processing period you have been searching for, you will also access more – 50 GB per day!