Ama Rio vs Greenman [AmaRiosPlayground]

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BUY NOW to watch me as I challenge Greenman to a wrestling match. It starts with me discussing and setting a few ground rules at first, like no pussy punches, dick kicks or titty twisters, things of that nature. Then quickly escalates into an all-out rumble. As we both scramble to pin each other to the mat it is evident that he is trying to hold me down for a few of his relentless tickles. He succeeds a couple of times but begins to lose the fight as I break free from his holds and pin him down to return a few devious tickles of my own. He quickly becomes overwhelmed by the whole situation and nods out. I swiftly move in for my finishing move to claim my victory over Greenman. Shortly after doing so, I remove his gym shorts leaving him to wake up from his slumber embarrassed by the loss of shorts and of course the wrestling match too.