No Safewords With Alexis Part 1 [BCTickleAndFetish]

BCTickleAndFetish Video

Alexis Rain told us a while ago that she had a friend that was extremely ticklish. After about a year of trying to make it work with scheduling, we finally were able to make it happen. We introduce to you a lovely new girl named Naejae. Alexis was not lying about how ticklish this girl is! She has a great attitude and was actually pretty eager to try tickling. In her first tickle video ever we get her racked up with her feet in the stocks. Alexis was a lot more ruthless then usual. We’re assuming she felt comfortable pushing Naejae to her limits because they are friends but that’s a little contradictory isn’t it? Forget baby steps. Naejae gets absolutely wrecked in her debut! Alexis starts on her upper body then gets her feet good. Naejae’s reactions are perfect. She has a loud, hearty laugh and she is explosively ticklish all over her body. She gets pure tickle torture from her friend for over 10 minutes here. This is part 1 which includes mostly upper body tickling with a little inner thigh tickling. Part 2 will contain the foot tickling portion. Clip includes short interview at the beginning.