Ticklish Inner Thighs

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Here is an older clip featuring Edith lying face down on the bed for some leg/thigh/butt tickling. We did not post it when it was originally shot because Edith inadvertently shows her face (too much squirming) and she was not comfortable with that at the time. I have her lay on her stomach and instruct her to keep her legs spread apart in a triangle formation, then dance my fingers up her legs and into her inner thighs. Predictable she loses her mind whenever I get close to her crotch, nor does she like it when I tickle her ass. Some intense inner thigh tickling causes her to flip herself over, so we stick with that and try the same pose holding exercise. Edith covers her face and pounds on the bed as my fingers get closer to her skin and she very much tries to stay still. Cute reactions.

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Production studio: ZenTickling
File Name: Ticklish Inner Thighs
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Duration: 00:04:01
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Genre: VIP Clips,ZenTickling,HD,m/f,Tickle Ass,Tickling Upper Body

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