Just Say Red Gia!!! [BCTickleAndFetish]

BCTickleAndFetish Video

So we finally got Megan to say that magic 3 letter word. Now it’s time to see if we can get Gia to tap out to tickle torture. Megan begins the tickling on her feet. Long nails work wonders on Gia’s sensitive soles. Then Travis starts working on her upper body. He tickles her armpits, ribs, and belly button while Megan continues tickling her feet. Gia is tough but the flosser in her button and around her pelvic area with Megan’s nails skittering on her soles is maddening! Then Travis digs into her inner thighs. He insists that Gia give up and say red. She remains defiant and torments her ticklers. Now Megan and Travis both work her feet. Gia is turning into a babbling mess but will she give in?