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Delving into our archives, we stumbled upon another very interesting clip that we shot in 2017. It&amprsquos a pity that the clip remained for a few years, but it&amprsquos not milk to become sour, is it? Outfit
Astrid: tight jeans, short top, high heels then barefoot and later only bra
Olesya: tight jeans, short top, already barefoot Details: Tying on-screen with white ropes, big toes tied by a very thin long string. Breast-roping. Gagged as mentioned in the script. Story
Olesya and Astrid have a detective agency which unfortunately isn’t very successful. A few days ago, Astrid was able to take some very interesting pictures, now they want to make the big money. Olesya lies on the sofa, reading a magazine when it knocks on the door. The door is open! Nothing so Olesya has to get up and opens the door when she gets pushed back and overtaken by a masked man. Olesya is sitting on the sofa with already tied hands and legs as he puts few stripes of tape over her mouth, breast-ropes her, put her on the sofa, ties her legs, hogties her, goes behind her legs ties her wriggling dirty big toes together with a very thin long string. Leaves her alone searching the pictures. Olesya just got free from hogtie and toe-tie as he returns, off the gag, he asks her about the pictures but she says nothing. Gags her again, ties her on a chair, tied legs on another chair, ties her wriggling big toes together with a very thin long string. Olesya starts to wriggle her feet, he adds another string from her tied toes to the chair, starts to tickle her soles. Astrid comes home, hears a foreign voice asking questions. Astrid takes off her heels sneaks up to take a peek then back hallway to get out and call for help. While closing the door her heels fall on the floor, the masked man gets suspicious. Astrid runs barefoot down the stairways but gets caught, hands over her mouth and brings her up the stairs back to the apartment. Astrid (beside Olesya) is already tied onto the bench and has tied hands and legs, he ties her feet, asks her now about the pictures. What are you talking about? He puts few stripes of duct tape over her protesting mouth, hogties her, ties her dirty wriggling big toes together. Leaves them alone to get Astrid&amprsquos heels which are still in the staircase. Back he starts to tickle her feet but Astrid is also a very tough cookie.
Ok I see you are playing the hard to get, I think I have an idea! He starts to untie her tied toes. Astrid and Olesya are down on the floor legs up already tied together as he ties their dirty feet together. They wriggle with their feet as well as possible. Why so feisty, they mumble something. Ok if you want it that way, he cuts off another thin long string, they start to spread her toes but they are helpless and he ties their big toes together. Now he can tickle their dirty soles without any problem. After a while and as he threatens them to pour some hot wax from a candle over her dirty soles. After some time they give up.
He leaves them alone to get the pictures in their office. They were able to get free, sneak barefoot down the staircase to overtake him in their office when they just walk “in his hands”. Hands up and back to the apartment. Astrid only in her bra (tied hands and legs) and Olesya (gaged, tied hand and legs) are kneeling on the floor, puts few stripes of tape over Astrid’s mouth to shut her up, breast-ropes her, ties her feet, puts her on the table, hogties her very tight, ties her wriggling big toes tight together. Goes to Olesya breast-ropes her, ties her feet, on the table beside Astrid he hogties Olesya also tight, ties her big toes tight together, He remarks that Astrid wriggles and spreads her toes like hell. Well, seems that it’s not safe enough, grabs another long string, ties all her toes together, Astrid is furious so he adds a sting from her tied toes to her arms then ties Oleyas&amprsquos toes all together, adds a sting from her tied toes to her arms, Olesya isn&amprsquot also amused at all. He leaves them alone for the final struggling.


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