RussianFetish – Diamond ring in Alevtina’s navel – Dangerous gift

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Backstory: Alevtina’s belly button ring is made of a very valuable diamond that was stolen from a mobster. She got it as a gift from a friend and doesn’t realize that she is being accused of having the rest of the diamonds… Intro. Alevtina is wearing white pajama pants and a big comfy t-shirt that she would wear to bed with a pink or red bra underneath. Her belly ring is also in. She is sitting at her desk writing something on her laptop and studying for her exam. A masked man enters the room behind her. She stands up startled and asks what he wants. He tells her that she has something on her that belongs to his boss. He attacks her and puts her to sleep. She falls to the ground like a doll. While she is out, the man lays her on her back. He straightens her legs out and straightens her arms above her head. He lifts her shirt up exposing her entire belly. He presses down on her belly button feeling the ring. He takes a picture and sends it to his boss. He rubs and pats her belly lightly a few times and says “You’re going to pay for stealing”. He then flips her onto her stomach. He reaches underneath her and picks her up around her belly and carries her out. The first scene. She wakes up lying on a bed hogtied with her mouth taped. She is very scared and two men enter the room. One man tells the other man that she is the thief and she whines and shakes her head to tell them that she’s not but they don’t believe her. They trap her on the bed and one of them holds her sideways. They lift her shirt up exposing her belly button ring and poke her belly button and belly and confirm it is the stolen diamond. They proceed to punish her by tickling her belly while one of the men stretches her sideways to stretch her belly for the other man to torture. They take turns holding her and tickling her and biting her belly. They hang her head and upper body over the edge of the bed and both torture her belly with poking, slaps, clawing her belly, and pushing down into her belly with their palms. In the next scene, she is awake and very scared. She has her mouth taped and is now just in her bra and white pants. She is bound tightly across a table that puts her into a deep backbend. Her arms are pulled down underneath her and her wrists are tied to her ankles underneath her stretching her belly out completely. Her head is hanging downwards. The camera pans on her as she struggles against her bondage. The man enters and watches her struggle. He rubs her belly which frightens her. He tells her, “Well since you have my diamond In your belly I guess I own it.” He begins slowly walking around her watching her struggle, occasionally roughly tickling her belly by poking her, squeezing her sides/ribs, clawing right into her belly, or slapping her while she is whining and crying. He sticks his finger in her belly button pressing down until she screams. He even takes out a stick and pokes and prods all over her belly and especially her belly button. The next scene she is on her knees with her ankles bound and her arms stretched and tied tightly above her head but pulling her back so her belly is sticking out. Her throat is also bound again pulling her head back offering her belly to the masked man completely. The camera pans on her struggling again when he enters and slowly caresses her belly while she moans in fear and pain. He continues to slowly tease her entire belly with pokes, slaps and tickling and poking her with the rod or stick. In the next scene, she is bound spread eagle on the bed very tightly. Every limb is pulled tightly to the max. She is covered with two blankets over here upper body and lower body. The man comes and pats and rubs her belly over the blanket. He then separates the blankets so just her belly is exposed. He rubs and smacks her belly a few times. He then begins teasing her by poking her in different places while she can’t see. He then removes the blankets and continues torturing her. In the last scene, her t-shirt is back on. She is sitting on the edge of the bed with her hands tied and her feet tied. This time two men enter. One man asks, will you tell me where the rest of the diamonds are? She pleads with him and says she still doesn’t know what he means. “The wrong answer”, he says and they start walking towards her. She gets scared and tries to get away from them. They both attack her and she screams and tries to fight and get away but they are too strong for her. They pin her down on her belly at first and tape her mouth. They then flip her on her back across the bed. One of the men straightens her legs and sits on them while the other pulls her arms above her head straightening her out. They tie her legs and feet and her arms pulling her tight in each direction to make sure she’s stretched as tight as possible. She struggles and whines but they are too strong. They lift her t-shirt up all the way past her bra. The guy on her legs begins caressing and feeling her belly all over while she squirms and whines. He presses his finger into her belly button and pushes down until she can’t take it. He continues to deliberately poke her in different spots and squeezes her sides and ribs. They also slap her belly. Whoever is sitting on her arms covers her mouth with his hand holding her head in place so she can’t curl her body up. They rub her belly roughly for a bit and then they leave her tied up as she gasps to catch her breath.


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