Mary Jane Green and Sharon Kane Mary Jane’s Jealous Tickling Mistress [SlammCreations]

SlammCreations Video

Sweet Mary Jane is bound spread eagled to her bed by her sexy mistress Sharon. Both of them are dressed in shiny bikinis, a signal to Mary Jane that she’s in for a fun time. Mistress Sharon produces some long silky feathers and caresses the submissive’s bound body with them, along with soft kisses, and Mary Jane loves it. But Mistress Sharon starts questioning Mary Jane about an event that happened the night before, and catches her slave in a lie. She confronts Mary Jane with information about a gentleman caller – a thank you card hidden under the bed! Mary Jane sweetly tries to deny such a meeting ever took place, and Mistress Sharon immediately starts savagely tickling the submissive. No more sweet caresses, as Sharon’s fingertips rake Mary Jane’s ticklish tummy and ribs. After tightening the restraints, the jealous mistress tickles Mary Jane all over, and the ticklish submissive laughs, struggles and squirms trying to escape. Then, Mistress Sharon breaks out an electric toothbrush to use on “the cheater” and attacks Mary Jane’s sensitive bare soles with it. The cheating sub screams in ticklish torment, and that’s only on one foot! Sharon then uses the vibrating bristles all over Mary Jane’s ticklish body, occasionally alternating with some sweet kisses. The Mistress forces Mary Jane to read the card out loud, which upsets the Mistress all over again and now produces tickles on Mary Jane’s neck. Mistress Sharon changes her approach now, sweetly kissing the bound captive’s toes, and returning to the feathers again, using them sensuously up and down Mary Jane’s legs and between her toes, making the sub shiver. Another tickling application of the toothbrush gains a quivering apology from Mary Jane. That earns the sub a kiss from her Mistress…