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Seeing as though I did my research on how ticklish this beautiful dominatrix katarina is, I couldn’t wait to put her in full body position to go after more spots. I was being nice by starting off at the elbows as a joke, but come to find out, they&amp,rsquo,re actually ticklish. I love learning new things. So then I went for the armpits. Gave it light strokes, that&amp,rsquo,s all. And then the volume got cranked up on her laughter. I hit the jackpot once again. And the look on her face was epic when I whipped out the flosser to use on her pits. It was hard to keep her contained when I used it. So just to see, I leaned over and tickled her ribs to see if ticklishness is switched on. And best believe they were. So next I went for her lower body. Behind her knees ? Ticklish AF! And since her ribs are a soft spot, I got on top of her to work more of it. And her belly was so beautiful to look at, I couldn&amp,rsquo,t help but to test that out too. My fingers crawling all over her sides, ribs, and belly button caused her body to move in ways to the point where she almost flew me off the bed. Next up, I went back on the feet for a brief second, cause I missed them. And I had to get back to the upperbody, but I won&amp,rsquo,t bring much more of that again. To know more of about what happened. Purchase the video to witness some awesome tickling given the domme Kat

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