Just Keep Stretching [BCTickleAndFetish]

BCTickleAndFetish Video

Mia couldn’t help but notice Eden’s belly button at the gym. She finds Eden to be incredibly sexy, especially her bellybutton. Eden has a hard, toned stomach and an outie bellybutton that Mia has to see up close. She follows Eden home and sneaks into her house. She catches Eden at the perfect time while she’s stretching in lingerie after her workout. Mia starts touching her belly button which startles her. Eden ask why Mia is in her house. Mia confesses her love for Eden’s bell button and rather then calling the cops, Eden entertains the idea. Mia fingers all around her belly button and abs. She whips out a couple tools to tease Eden and keep her on edge. It’s not exactly how Eden planned to spend her evening but she likes it