Bodybuilder Scar’s Debut [BCTickleAndFetish]

BCTickleAndFetish Video

As you know, we love working with female bodybuilders, wrestlers, muscular women, amazons, and bigger women in general. We were lucky to get in touch with this gem! Scar is an IFBB pro with a lot of competition experience. She does not have any experience with tickling though and we were happy to change that. After asking her a few questions about tickling, we locked her feet in the stocks. From the second that her feet get touched, she is squirming and struggling from the tickling. Fingernails get good results on her arches and under her toes. Surprisingly, the hairbrush and back scratcher didn’t really tickle her. The flosser sure as hell did though! The flosser between her toes was maddening for Scar. Scar is not very vocal or a loud laugher. She is more of a fighter and struggler. She is a very strong girl both physically and mentally so her natural instinct is to resist the ticklish sensations. She put up a valiant effort but ends up succumbing to the torture like the rest!