Face Down Soles Up Nylon Tickle Torture [CurationDeTickly]

CurationDeTickly Video

Cheers to the freakin weekend, and how better to celebrate with a fresh batch of intense nylon tickling?!! If seeing a truly ticklish woman, tickled with intensity on her nyloned soles until she becomes a coughing and hysterical mess is your cup of tea, this clip is definitely for you. This clip features our #DHL having Domme lying face down on the couch, feet up on the head rest, soles facing upward just like us tickler’s love them! Our tickler completely REGULATES the tickle torture on her sensitive soles the likes of which that would make Warren G and Nate Dogg proud! With what is the most intense tickling clip of this series, by the time he’s done, Gem’s soles are super moist, and very tenderized from the expert tickling they’ve endured!