Four-Way Foot-Tickle Freak-Out! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

CANDID VIDEO! Reagan Lush, Jasper Reed, Ama Rio and returning model, Jenny Jett are all lined up and tied up on the sofa. Their feet are bound to the bench as they stir in anticipation! It’s been months since Jasper has been tickled. For Jenny, it’s been years. Reagan and Ama still dread what’s coming, because they know how bad it will be! Then, it begins! Skilled fingers, armed with perfectly manicured fingernails go to town on four pairs of helpless feet! In no time, the room is filled with laughter and tears! Soon enough, the ones who are being tickled are more than happy to volunteer those who aren’t to take their place! Not that it matters. Fingernails, brushes and other tickle tools are coming for all of them, one by one! Some cackle, wildly. Others beg for mercy and others still thrash and flail in toe-tal hysterics! Don’t miss this first time, ever, that we’ve tickled four gorgeous ladies all at once!