Kung-Foot! Pt. 35 Mystic Portal To Laughter! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

The infamous, extra-dimensional Devil’s Door portrait has an otherworldly twin that serves as an exit portal. This particular portal is guarded by two warring demi-goddesses, Liu Ying (Lucy Purr) and Meiko (Meiko Jane). The two battle it out, in an unending contest for possession of the portal! Liu Ying takes the upper hand by tickling her rival’s foot, during the battle! Meiko’s fighting spirit goes right out the window as she flails helplessly, shrieking with laughter, begging for mercy! Soon, the Japanese demi-goddess is trapped in the stocks and Liu Ying demands that she relinquish all claim to the portal! Long, wicked fingernails dance along Meiko’s wriggling bare soles and squirming toes as she giggles and guffaws, desperately fighting not to give in! Brushes, oil and other tickling implements keep her in a laughing fit, but Meiko has an ace up her sleeve! A trick that her Chinese rival doesn’t know! What is it? Can it get her out of her ticklish predicament? Find out now!