Lair of the White Crane! Pt 1 Tickled Tiger! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

You’re accustomed to seeing the Kim Sisters, Onyx and Krystal, as a team but this time they’re enemies! In this customer-written miniseries, their wrestling personas, Tiger and White Crane are on opposite sides. Tiger is a secret agent, fighting to stop White Crane’s sinister plot for world domination! Tiger has been assigned to infiltrate White Crane’s lair! Tiger sneaks in, barefoot, to be extra quiet. Unfortunately, White Crane happens to catches her snooping around. The two fight and Crane subdues her step-sister by throwing legos all over the floor (Ouch!), then wrestling her down and tickling her tenderized bare feet! The tickling makes it impossible for Tiger to fight and Crane captures her with ease! Things only get worse, once Crane has Tiger securely tied up and stocked on a table! She gleefully tickles her step-sister’s wildly squirming bare feet, to make Tiger reveal her mission objective! Tiger howls, cackles and shrieks with uncontrollable laughter as wicked fingernails, a feather and other assorted tickling implements drive her to the brink of tickle insanity! Looks like the villain wins this one … or does she? Find out now!