Laughing Lady Crooks! Pt. 68 Where There’s A Will … [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

1st-TIME TICKLEE, CRYSTAL RUSH, DEBUTS! Hateful half-sisters, Crystal Rush and Slyy, are trying to bribe Detective Joe Jutsu, into finding a way for each of them to cut the other out of the family will. Joe is apprehensive about the case, but leaves the two bitter siblings in his office, while he mulls it over. In no time, Crystal and Slyy are locked in mortal combat! The two duke it out, in a face-punching, foot-stomping catfight! Crystal gets the upper hand puts Slyy in a scissor hold! When Slyy can’t pry Crystal’s legs apart, she removes one of the feisty Russian’s shoes and tickles her extremely sensitive, nylon-clad foot! Crystal instantly loses it, yowling and shrieking with laughter, as her long toes wriggle and writhe, in a tickled fit! But, she’s not finished yet! Slyy foolishly leaves her feet within reach and soon, it’s nylon foot-tickling duel! Joe returns and breaks them up, but they’ve given him an idea. The will mentions that either step-sister can eliminate the other, via games of chance, so Joe locks both battling beauties in the stocks, for a foot-tickling contest! Whoever gives in first and says the safe word loses! Both Crystal and Slyy thrash and howl with helpless laughter as their flailing, squirming, unbearably ticklish feet are mercilessly tormented! Both women are determined to win, but both are also hilariously ticklish! Slyy’s manic laughter and Crystal’s contorted facial expressions are not to be missed! Who will win?