Legends of the Dark Plume! Ep. 50 Agent Tangent, Toe-Tickled and Tamed! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

Evil, sadistic Quill Corp Agent Tangent (Goddess Tangent) is defeated by superheroine, Kandi Krush (Stacy Burke), when the heroine removes one of the sexy Latina’s shoes and tickles her horrifically ticklish bare foot! But Tangent’s tickle woes are just beginning, as she finds that she was the target of a sting operation, set up by Rhonda, Kandi and Ticklante! Soon, Rhonda the Raven has Tangent tied up and attacks the enemy operative’s tender, bare soles with her long, sharp fingernails! The normally cruel, well-composed villlainess comes unglued, almost instantly! She bucks wildly and yowls with laughter! Revenge is sweet! However, it gets FAR worse, when Ticklante arrives and takes over! Agent Tangent explodes into torrents of undignified guffaws as his fingernails wreak ticklish havoc on her big, sexy, size 9 soles! Toes curl and squirm like crazy, as soles scrunch and flex, uncontrollably and Tangent’s speech is so laugh-addled that she’s barely intelligible! Tangent tries to divulge all that she knows, quickly, but Ticklante won’t allow it and uses various tools (feathers, makeup brush, oil and hair brush) to keep her on edge and too laugh-traumatized to speak coherently! But, once she IS allowed to speak, she reveals an insidious plot that goes far beyond stolen weapons! Production note: Insanely hot, hardcore domme, Goddess Tangent has never been tied up and tickled before … and refuses to do it again, so this is the only studio in which you’ll see it! If you like seeing a cruel and super-hot domme completely losing her cool, because her feet are being tickled, then DON’T MISS THIS ONE!