Mission Hysterical! Pt 50 Feets of Fortitude!

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Enemy agents, Raven Rogue and Jasper Reed, have been caught by Ian Fixx, during a training exercise! While Ian’s team raids the outpost, Ian interrogates the two sexy spies. Their ticklish feet have already been shown to be their weakness, so Ian capitalizes on it, much to their laugh-filled dismay! There’s a great deal of info that Ian and his people don’t have on this installation, but Ian is confident that his two hilariously ticklish captives will be able to fill in the gaps … unless they want to continue suffering the consequences! Fingernails, feathers, brushes and the electric toothbrush keep both Jasper and Raven howling and shrieking with laughter, each trying to encourage the other to stay strong! Seems that most of that encouragement is meant to keep Ian focused whichever of them is being tickled, whilst letting the other off easy! Surely, Ian will see through this ploy, right? In any event, it looks like these two trainees are in for the real life version of the scenario, for which they’ve been preparing … and they are definitely NOT ready! Hilarious hysterics, foot-flailing freak-outs and toe-curling tickle agony awaits Jasper and Raven! What will Ian get out of them, aside from lots of laughter? Find out now, in our 50th installment of this hit series!

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File Name: Mission Hysterical! Pt 50 Feets of Fortitude!
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