Mistress and Servant! Pt 2 Sockin’ It To Sablique!

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Bratty sub, Dacey Harlot has had it with her mistress, Sablique Von Lux. After a grueling round of foot-tickling and bastinado punishment, Dacey just needs a short break, before she cleans the house. But, Sablique is impatient and punishes Dacey even further, by throwing her to the floor and putting her in a scissorhold! Dacey can’t break the hold, but manages to remove Sablique’s shoes! Sablique intends to put her discarded, stinky shoes in Dacey’s face, but Dacey has other plans! Sablique’s iron thighs are in for a real challenge, when Dacey tickles her big, silky soft, socked feet! The sexy Amazon completely loses it, bellowing with laughter as her toes scrunch and squirm and her feet flail, helplessly! Soon, Sablique’s grip is broken and Dacey rolls her over, continuing the tickle torment! Sablique taps out, thinking it will buy her some mercy. Boy, is she wrong. Soon, Sablique finds herself in the same stocks she used to restrain Dacey … and the toe-tickling torment begins anew! Sablique tries to warn Dacey that she’s just making things worse for herself, but Dacey isn’t buying it! Sablique’s howls and cackles with laughter, as Dacey tortures her big, size 9 socked feet! Just when the hilariously ticklish mistress thinks it’s over, Dacey begins to remove her socks! To be concluded, in pt. 3!

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File Name: Mistress and Servant! Pt 2 Sockin’ It To Sablique!
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