Superheroine Tickle Takedown! Laughter In Gotham! Pt. 2 [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

Batgirl tracks down the Baroness, based on Black Hornet’s info, only to find the sexy super spy waiting for her! She even has the Hammer of Helsinki with her! Now, Batgirl must fight her to claim it. The Baroness turns out to be no match for the sexy bat vigilante, but the Baroness has another supervillain on her payroll … Slade Wilson! He distracts Batgirl, just as she’s about to win and the Baroness K.Os her! Soon, Batgirl is de-booted and strapped into the stocks. Baroness wants to know everything that Batgirl knows about her plans. At first, Baroness makes Batgirl sniff her stinky feet, but eventually decides to break her a different way … and she begins tickling her feet! Batgirl tries to keep it together, but soon the wiggling and giggling begins! Fingernails, oil, brushes, the steel claw and electric toothbrush have Batgirl spasming wildly and in fits of silent laughter! She struggles so hard that the stock bench rattles and bounces up and down! But will Batgirl talk? What does she even know, besides the info on the Hammer of Helsinki? And what’s Slade got to do with all this? Find out now, in this DC Comics/Hasbro parody, starring Crystal Rush and Lauren Phillips!