Christine Dupree and Hollywould I Want That Bikini! [SlammCreations]

SlammCreations Video

Holly is lounging on the couch when her roommate Christine prances in to show off her sexy new jungle girl costume.&nbsp, The leopard print really shows off her charms to the maximum extent, and Holly is immediately jealous, and even more when Christine tells her that her boyfriend Chris gave it to her. Holly decides to take it from Christine, and attacks the costumed jungle girl.&nbsp, Christine is caught off guard by the jealous roomie, and is subjected to powerful and painful wrestling hold by Holly, who demands that Christine take off the outfit and give it to her.&nbsp, Christine is not going to let that happen, so Holly straps her up in a blue leather armbinder.&nbsp, Christine is not giving up her costume, so Holly resorts to tickling her.&nbsp, Holly knows that Christine is super ticklish, and forces her captive to struggle and laugh, attacking her ribs, neck and armpits.&nbsp, Christine tries to escape, but Holly uses her long powerful legs to scissor and hold Christine close, to deliver even more tickles!&nbsp, Holly soon discovers that Christine&rsquo,s feet are her most ticklish spot and goes to work on the exposed soles.&nbsp, Christine is left breathless and exhausted, but she&rsquo,s not giving up her jungle girl costume!&nbsp, So, Holly brings out more straps and buckles Christine&rsquo,s feet together.&nbsp, Now, she concentrates her tickling attack on Christine&rsquo,s ticklish soles!&nbsp, Christine giggles and screams, unable to escape Holly&rsquo,s sharp nails and fluttering fingertips.&nbsp, In between giggles, Christine swears revenge.&nbsp, It&rsquo,s two of the sexiest, hard bodied performers showing off their assets in a fun and laugh-filled scenario!&nbsp, Lots of spectacular legs and feet in this show.