Francesca Le and Alexis Taylor Francesca’s Tickling Torment [SlammCreations]

SlammCreations Video

Francesca is strapped tightly to a bed, and wearing sexy a bra and panties.&nbsp, She is bound with leather cuffs in a &lsquo,Y&rsquo, position, with her arms spread wide to the bedposts above her head.&nbsp, Her bare feet are also restrained in leather cuffs, locked together with a padlock, and then strapped tightly to the bedframe and bedposts.&nbsp, She struggles to escape the vulnerable position &ndash, she&rsquo,s so exposed!&nbsp, Sexy Alexis arrives on the scene, and immediately Francesca is on high alert.&nbsp, Just as she feared, Alexis starts tickling her feet! &nbsp,She knows exactly where to apply her sharp nails along Francesca&rsquo,s sensitive soles to achieve the perfect tickling torment.&nbsp, Francesca can only laugh and scream as Alexis applies her nails into her knees and feet.&nbsp, Francesca desperately tries to move her feet around to avoid the tickling, but tied as she is, there&rsquo,s no escape.&nbsp, Alexis gently tickles Francesca&rsquo,s vulnerable bare feet and soles! &nbsp,To Francesca&rsquo,s horror, Alexis slowly moves up her body, attacking her ribs and exposed armpits.&nbsp, Francesca can only thrash and bounce as Alexis happily tickles her into hysterics.&nbsp, Then, Alexis returns to her favorite target &ndash, Francesca&rsquo,s feet!&nbsp, One sole…then the other…and even both at the same time!&nbsp, Alexis drapes herself on top of Francesca so she can give her feet the attention they deserve.&nbsp, Fran begs for mercy…and gets none from sadistic Alexis.&nbsp, Lots of ticklish fun from two of the best fetish models! Great close-ups on Francesca’s ticklish soles.