Mary Jane Green, Olivia Chase, and Francesca Le Two Lovers Take Ticklish Revenge [SlammCreations]

SlammCreations Video

Sexy Francesca and Olivia earlier were tricked into a bondage and tickling session by sweet, innocent Mary Jane.&nbsp, Now they get their revenge!&nbsp, Mary Jane must endure Olivia and Francesca’s tickling and teasing – she’s gonna get it double than what she gave to them!&nbsp, Mary Jane is tightly bound spreadeagled to the bed with heavy duty leather cuffs and straps, unable to move or escape from the ladies’ ministrations.&nbsp, Olivia works on tickling Mary Jane’s upper body while Francesca works on Mary Jane’s feet and legs.&nbsp, Mary Jane wears a tiny black bikini, and it gives no protection to the revenge-fueled tickling and teasing.&nbsp, The two sexy captors take turns having their way with the helpless woman, tickling her brutally in between kissing and caressing her tenderly, like she wanted from them before.&nbsp, Olivia uses her tongue between Mary Jane’s toes, playing on her foot fetish.&nbsp, Mary Jane is spinning, caught between desire and tickling torment!&nbsp, The women double-team Mary Jane with feather dusters and electric toothbrushes, driving Mary Jane wild.&nbsp, Suddenly Francesca and Olivia turn tender, both of them caressing and kissing their captive.&nbsp, After all, that’s what she really wants from them, right?&nbsp, But the tormentors step up the intensity, each woman using an electric toothbrush on both of Mary Jane’s soles at the same time!&nbsp, How is Mary Jane going to survive this ticklish assault?&nbsp, Mary Jane is out of control, and Olivia and Francesca are loving every minute of it!&nbsp, Sexy models, bikinis, bare feet, tickling and kissing – what more could you ask for?