Mary Jane Green and Alexis Taylor Mistress Alexis Tickles Mary Jane [SlammCreations]

SlammCreations Video

Sweet and sexy submissive Mary Jane is bound to her bed, waiting for her Mistress Alexis to arrive and play with her.&nbsp, Mary Jane is expecting to have some fun with her mistress, but like a dominant will do, Alexis has other plans.&nbsp, She produces a feather, and proceeds to tickle the helpless sub.&nbsp, Mary Jane wears only a tiny bikini, and it’s no protection from Alexis’ tickling torments!&nbsp, Mary Jane bounces when the feather dances over her tummy, but jumps when her mistress uses it on her bare feet!&nbsp, Alexis uses her practiced techniques to tickle not only Mary Jane’s soles, but in between her toes as well!&nbsp, Screams, laughter and giggles fill the room as Alexis works on her slave.&nbsp, Then Alexis uses a feather duster to tickle her armpits.&nbsp, Mary Jane fights to escape her predicament, and in response Alexis adjusts Mary Jane’s bondage even tighter.&nbsp, Alexis uses her sharp nails on Mary Jane’s soles, upping the tickling intensity even more.&nbsp, Then comes a whole new texture as she uses a fur covered mitt on Mary Jane, definitely raising goosebumps on the helpless submissive! Both ladies look magnificent, and Mary Jane is quite fetching in her black and red bikini.