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Mayla and Stella just bought an apartment cheap because there’s a urban legend that the house is haunted and the ghost tickles the owner’s feet but they don’t care about that and think it’s just silly. They both get ready for bed and go to sleep. Once they’ve fallen asleep and they snore the tickle burglar (Valerie) brakes into their house and goes straight to their bedroom and can see Stella’s bare foot dangling on the edge of the bed and the burglar takes out a feather and glides it up and down the sole and in between the toes and Stella snores and her foot twitches and she wiggles her toes after a while she starts giggling but continues to snore. After a while Myla exposes her socked foot and the burglar starts tickling Myla socked foot and Myla snores, after a while the burglar removes the sock slowly tickling the heel, sole and toes while Myla snores and giggles. But the burglar doesn’t really get the reaction she wants from Myla so she starts tickling Stella again and now with the fingers and Stella snores and giggles and now Stella starts laughing and it sound like she’s about to wake up so the burglar has to hide and Stella wakes up laughing and notices Myla bare foot sticking out from the covers and she tickles her until Myla wakes up wondering what’s going on and Stella tells Myla to stop playing footsies with her because she’s very ticklish and Myla deny’s she has done anything and tells Stella maybe it’s the ghost who’s tickling her foot and laughs but Stella doesn’t find it amusing and puts on a pair of socks to protect her feet and they’re just about to go back to sleep when they hear strange noises coming from the kitchen and they realize somebody has broken in to their house and their phones are charging in the kitchen so they can’t call the police so they pretend to be asleep and the both start snoring and the burglar comes back in to their bedroom and sees Myla’s bare foot sticking out from the covers and the burglar starts tickling Myla’s bare foot and Myla wonders what’s going on and realizes the burglar is tickling her and she now has to try remain calm and not laugh so she keep on snoring but every once in a while she giggles because she’s very ticklish and both the feather an fingers is used on her bare foot and soon the other sock is removed and tickling continues and Stella wonders why Myla is laughing and Myla whispers whispers to Stella that the burglar is tickling her feet and Stella gets nervous because she knows how ticklish she is and when she’s nervous her feet start to sweat and Stella discretely tries to slip of her socks under the covers but the movement sparks the interest of the burglar ad she lifts up the covers and can see that Stella have removed the socks halfway of her feet and Stella now feels the burglars fingers skittering over her sweaty bare part of the feet and soon both of the socks are removed and the feather glides between her sweaty toes while Stella snores and tries not to laugh but sometimes giggles softly, the burglar really digs in to Stella’s feet and she feels like she can’t take it and pretends to talk in her sleep and says no anything but my toes in hopes of that the burglar will stop but the burglar get Stella’s toes and Stella bites the covers and tries not to laugh and continues to snore but she whispers to Myla to try to spark the interest of the burglar so she will start tickling Myla instead because Stella can’t take much more and Myla tries to mix her feet with Stella’s feet and she wiggles her toes and for a while the burglar tickles only Myla and Myla snores and giggles but soon they’re both tickled and they both snore and giggle an try to keep their composure but the burglar really digs into their bare feet and they have to struggle not to laugh but eventually Stella can’t take no more and she starts laughing hysterically and the both now laugh and giggle and beg for the tickling to stop but the tickling continues until they’ve told the code to their safe and the burglar goes back and forth tickling Myla and Stella with the feather and fingers and eventually after some more toe tickling Stella tells the code and they go back to bed but the burglar comes back when they start snoring and gives them a few more tickles while they giggle and snore because she can’t resist those sweaty bare feet sticking out from the covers and after some tickles the burglar disappears in to the night and you get a last glimpse of Stella’s and Myla’s bare feet sticking out from the covers and they giggle and scratch their feet together and wiggles their toes


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