Ama Rio in Tickle Interrogation [AmaRiosPlayground]

AmaRiosPlayground Video

In this clip, Ama Rio is a spy who has been captured by another spy and interrogated for a top-secret formula. He handcuffs her and wraps her legs to a table, leaving her pretty wrinkled soles exposed. As the spy demands that she gives him the information to the secret formula, she becomes irate from being bound and held against her own will. As she becomes increasingly uncooperative as he begins to relentlessly tickle the bottoms of her beautiful soft feet demanding she cooperates. She squirms and laughs hysterically begging him to stop, but he denies her pleas to stop until he gets what he is asking for. Becoming frustrated by the minute he agrees to let her go if she talks as he continues to torture her. Finally, after being endlessly tickled for a period of time she can’t take the torture any longer. She agrees to cooperate with the spy and give him what his was asking for in return for her freedom. After getting all the information he needs out of Ama Rio he leaves her to get out of the restraints on her own.