Nesty the Spy Duct Taped and Foot Tickled to Tears [BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle]

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle Video

Spy Nesty has really gotten herself in a pickle this time. She’s been captured and her leg duct taped to a poll while her one bare foot is tickled relentlessly by her foot abuser. She’s got no way out and no way to protect her tender tootsies except to writhe about wrinkling her soles and curling her toes while she shrieks with laughter. Her only escape from the continuous tickling abuse is to try and pant her foot against the poll to protect it. That doesn’t work for long and soon she is shrieking with laughter. This tickling classic is filmed from all angles from full body shot to tickled foot closeups to tickling worm’s eye views. See what happens next when they progress to foot eating and toe sucking.