Victoria Thieving Hospital Staffer’s Long Toe and Wrinkled Sole Tickle Abuse [BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle]

BizarreInterrogationsFootTickle Video

When the chief nurse and her deputy think that new hospital staffer Victoria is stealing items they set a trap for her. The deputy lays in bed in one of the unused ER rooms after a double shift feigning rest. Sure enough Victoria comes in to try and steal her watch. The Deputy grabs her to hold her and the cheif nurse comes in. They both tie her to a gurney and pull off one of her shoes ready to tickle-abuse it in order to find out if she is working alone or for someone. When they pull the shoe off they are both impressed with how long her foot and especially ties are and how wirnkly her narrow sole is. So they can’t resist tickling between her long toes to watch them wiggle and curl and splay as she screams to be let go. Her soles wrinkle as they go to town finger tickling her toes and soft sole…. She can’t get away though and is forced to endure continuous tickling until she fesses up. Lots and lots of closups in this one of her soft sole and long toes being tickles as she reacts.