Trainee Michele Gets Her Tickle Payback (Part Two)

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In part two we pick with Michele somehow getting herself freed up from the rope tie she was in! As I a trying to figuring out how she did this, she pops in and immediately handcuffs me and ropes my hands above MY head! She adds the spreader bar to my ankles and begins tickling ME!! Wow! It turns out I must have trained her quite well as she gives me a real going over! She gets every one of my tickle points and mercilessly tickles me, alternating between soft tickle and deep aggressive tickling! She has me laughing and giggling and decides I AM being too loud and ballgags ME! She then finds one of my weaknesses—my THIGHS! She tickles me all over before deciding that she has proven that she does deserve to be a “Tickle Mistress” and she begins to undo the spreader bar and take my ballgag out. As she goes to untie my bound wrists ,I ask her to wait a second…..Maybe….Just Maybe I want her to continue tickling me! She decides that will be wonderful and I’ll be her tickle slave for the next FOUR months!! Umm No way! I think I’ve changed my mind and she better untie me of she knows what’s good for her!

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