Laughing Lady Crooks! Pt. 63 Hairbrushed Feet Can’t Take the Heat!

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Mary Malone (Lakota Summers) and sexy henchwoman, Jessica Jones have captured one of Detective Joe Jutsu’s informants, Mistress Tempted! They’re looking for info on how to get to him and what his weaknesses are and Jessica knows just how to make Miss T talk! The sexy Latina is strapped to a table and she knows she’s in trouble, when Jessica removes her shoes! Suddenly, long, wicked fingernails skitter all over her tender, bare soles! Her silence turns to giggles and her giggles erupt into cackles and guffaws! Worse yet, Jessica uses other tickle tools on Miss T’s furiously fidgeting feet! Calligraphy brushes, oil and the steel claw keep the laughter and begging flowing, but as tough as Miss T is and as much as she doesn’t want to rat Joe out, there’s one tool she can’t resist … the stiff, black hairbrush! Her soft soles and ticklish toes just can’t take it as Jessica assaults her wildly wriggling feet with the cruel, stiff bristles! It isn’t long before she’s telling everything she knows, which gives Jessica an idea of how to deal with Joe! Stay tuned for the next episode!

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