Laughing Lady Crooks, Year One! Pt 6 Late Night Nylon Tickle Date! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

Sexy, leather-clad mobster, Macy Cartel, tracks Detective Joe Jutsu to his residence, to eliminate him. Apparently, he’s moved in to building that she had once been using as a hiding place for some of her hidden, ill-gotten assets, and now she wants to collect them! Fortunately, our hero knows when he’s being tailed and sets a trap for her. Soon, the blonde bombshell is bound, with her feet in the air, demanding to be released! Joe is happy to do so … as long as she tells him why she’s stalking him. When she refuses, he removes her shoes and tickles her sweaty, nylon-clad feet! The would-be executrix cackles and shrieks with laughter! Her tender soles scrunch and flex as her wiggly toes squirm, in tickled hysteria! The glamorous, -toting, would-be executrix is so overwhelmed by the foot-tickling ordeal that she slips, early into the interrogation, and mentions that she’s here for her money! In short order, fingernails, feathers and brushes on her flailing feet cause her to mention a safe! Seems that this guffawing lady gangster has a safe, hidden somewhere in Joe’s place! Will she reveal its location? Find out now