Laughter Is The Best Medicine! Dr Slyyy’s Tickle Ward! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

Dacey Harlot is a criminal, being treated at a hospital, restrained to her bed and awaiting the police. Her husband visits her and they argue as the doctor (Slyyy) comes in. Dacey gets mouthy with her husband and he tickles her foot. Not only does it turn the argument into a laugh-fest, but it also makes her horny as hell. The doctor silently makes a note of it and sneaks back out of the room. Later on, Dr. Slyyy returns with intern, Silvia Saige. Dacey is, again, her usual, charming self, but Dr. Slyyy is ready for her. She takes off Dacey’s sock and tickles her bare foot! Dacey goes berserk, laughing, cackling and thrashing around! Then, the intern follows suit, on the other foot! Now, the notorious criminal is howling with laughter and spewing threats and obscenities! She’s so loud that a bystander from outside (Macy Cartel) comes to see what all the noise is about! Dacey is absolutely livid, though laughing, as Dr. Slyyy, the intern and Macy laugh at her and mock her ticklish plight! And then, Dacey’s husband returns, adding to her humiliation! Dacey better hope the cops show up soon, to take her to jail!