Legends of the Dark Plume! Halloween Special Zatanna Laughs In Half!

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

Zatanna (Cassandra Cain) has received a mysterious Egyptian talisman, but before she can fully examine it, she gets a trick or treater at her door … the Ticklante! She’s wary, not sure whether to treat him as friend or foe. When she doesn’t have any candy, he decides it’s time for a trick, but then he sees the talisman. Concerned that Zatanna may have touched it, he immediately restrains her, for her own good. Since she’s handled the talisman, there’s only one way to save her … the saw the lady in half trick, Ticklante style! Using his own dark enchantment, Ticklante cleaves her in two, without harming her, and places her feet where she can see them! He then removes her high heeled pumps and tickles her nylon-clad feet! This is why Zatanna hates this trick! She squeals, shrieks and cackles out loud, begging for mercy as her wriggling, pantyhosed, size 9 feet flail about helplessly … and she watches them from a very unique perspective! She’s so confused that she often looks in the wrong direction for them! Seems that the talisman in Zatanna’s possession is a piece planted on earth by the Egyptian tickle goddess, Nefertiki, to cause chaos and mischief. When touched by mortal women, it curses them with increased ticklishness! The only cure for the curse is to tickle the cursed victim for — well, even Ticklante isn’t sure for how long, but he’s willing to take one for the team and tickle Zatanna’s furiously squirming tootsies all night, if necessary! Don’t miss our final, and most ambitious, Halloween vid for the year!

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