Tickle Wrestling Entertainment! Pt 14 Reining In the Ref! [FTKL’sTicklingFantasies]

FTKL’sTicklingFantasies Video

Sexy, Asian bad girls, Tiger Lily and White Crane, aka – The Sisters of Shaolin, have taken referee Mia into their dressing room. They’re not happy with the way she officiated their first tag team match, in which they lost, so they intend to teach her a lesson! During their match, Tiger and Crane stepped on jacks, in their bare feet, then had to endure a brutal foot-tickling penalty round (See part 3). In their opinion, Mia has at the very least earned a merciless foot-tickling! When Mia awakes in the stocks, she knows she’s in trouble! Tiger and Crane take turns tickling her helpless, squirming bare feet with wicked fingernails, the steel claw and other tickle tools! Mia squeals, giggles and guffaws away, begging for mercy, which the Sisters of Shaolin have no intention of giving … that is, until Mia hints at valuable information about some illegal activity going on, behind the scenes! Is Mia’s info worth the mercy she’s begging for? What is it? Find out now