Nazareth Needs To Tickle Revenge [LaPrincesasTickling]

LaPrincesasTickling Video

Brand new series of 3 clips…Where we will see Nazareth have a blast tickling Sian and Trella in a soft Hogtie situation where she has total control and then both ladies will have there revenge in the final clip of the series. Trella and SR (Sian) are just ready now to give Nazareth a taste of her own ticklish medicine and of course Naz is now in a regret state of mind, because she knows what’s going to happen to her. Both ladies grab a weakness on Naz and they start working on her like a fiddle. Nazareth explodes right away and she’s a bag of everything from there on in. This is a very calculated and fun revenge clip to watch and Nazareth was a perfect victim to be placed in this position рџ™‚